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Laurent Tirot, directeur général Logement France de Bouygues Immobilier
Laurent Tirot
Executive Vice-President, Residential Property France, Bouygues Immobilier
Bouygues Immobilier is innovating continually to offer local authorities and residents the kind of housing that they desire. We offer a wide range of housing products (social, affordable, intermediate, for owner-occupiers, single-family houses and residences for students and senior citizens). This is consistent with both our regional development and sustainable development policies. Whatever their type, all our developments fulfil the same environmental and quality requirements.
Buildings of all sizes and for all budgets

With teams on the ground nationwide, Bouygues Immobilier develops housing for all types of budget, from social, affordable and intermediate housing to housing for owner-occupiers and luxury properties. We develop programmes of all sizes, from 30 to more than 1,000 units. Each has their own specific features and we have the know-how to adapt to them. All of our projects place the same focus on quality and respect for sustainable development and we are constantly striving to create an urban experience that meets the expectations of our customers. 

Our mission is to build homes that are more digital, flexible, smart and energy-efficient, while remaining affordable and of high quality.
François Bertière
Chairman of Bouygues Immobilier
Sustainable and innovative social housing

We are certain that developers have a role to play in ensuring an extensive pool of rental properties in order to facilitate access to housing. That is why we incorporate social housing into most of our residential programmes and thus help local authorities to comply with their legal obligations. Recent planning laws in France that aim to promote increased social responsibility and urban renewal have set ambitious targets: social housing must account for 20% of all residential property in French municipalities by 2025. 
For example Ginko, the eco-neighbourhood  beside Bordeaux Lake offers nearly 700 social-housing units in the heart of a project focused on sustainable development and social diversity. 

Going a step further, for the first time we have teamed up with a social landlord, Logement Francilien, to prepare the in-depth transformation of Les Indes district in Sartrouville, north-west of Paris. This 20-year project, carried out in close cooperation with the municipality, the Saint-Germain-Boucles de Seine urban community and the government, and in consultation with residents, is a fine example of the future of urban regeneration. It will enable Les Indes, currently hemmed-in and run-down, to become a model of social diversity, sustainability and quality of life.

We sell around 2,500 social-housing units a year, representing 20 to 25% of our residential property business.
Caroline Michalak
Business development director, major accounts
Our long-term cooperation with Bouygues Immobilier aims to change perceptions of certain neighbourhoods as bastions of rent-controlled housing, by encouraging a new approach to urban and social diversity.
Gérard Seigné
Chairman of the Executive Board, Logement Francilien
Les Lodges, construction bois de Bouygues Immobilier à Chanteloup-en-Brie
Les Lodges à Chanteloup-en-Brie, un programme de 35 maisons à ossature bois. Architecte : AW² - Photographe : Camille Gharbi
Developing shared spaces

The needs of our customers and their relationship to their homes are changing rapidly. Today’s occupants aspire to exclusive use of their own apartments, but also to shared spaces (laundry rooms, guest rooms, an events room, etc.) that give them greater flexibility in addressing occasional needs like organising social events or hosting visitors. These spaces, which form part of programmes like “Follement Gerland” in Lyon and one of our projects in Romainville, are becoming more common. For example, “Follement Gerland” includes two shared rooms for guests. These rooms are available to rent by residents for the use of their family or friends for one or several nights. These shared spaces help to:

  • develop shared services
  • generate additional revenue for apartment buildings in order to cover some of their costs (energy for example). 
Serviced residences, a response to changes in society

In order to meet the needs of all sorts of different people, such as students, senior citizens, disabled people, tourists and young working people, and in response to changes in society, we offer a full range of managed residences for both the private sector and local authorities. These housing solutions integrate smoothly into eco-neighbourhoods and encourage social diversity. Like for all our residential properties, they also comply with the strictest environmental standards  and satisfy the government’s desire to increase the amount of housing for young people and senior citizens. 

In 2014, Bouygues Immobilier teamed up with Acapace group to jointly develop “Les Jardins d’Arcadie”, a nationwide network of serviced residences for senior citizens.

La résidence de logement senior Les Jardins Saint-Nicolas à Nancy
La résidence de logement senior Les Jardins Saint-Nicolas à Nancy. Agence GHA - Gérard Hypolite / Serge Verglas Productions

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