The Bouygues Immobilier Executive Committee is charged with the operational management of the company’s business. It is comprised of 27 members.
François Bertière
Eric Guillemin
Deputy CEO
Éric Mazoyer
Deputy CEO
Nathalie Watine
Executive Vice-President, Digital Transformation and Human Resources
Emmanuel Desmaizières
Executive Vice-President, International Activities/UrbanEra®/Subsidiaries
Laurent Tirot
Executive Vice-President, Residential Property France
Valérie Petitbon
Communication, Marketing, QSE and CSR Director
Edward Woods
Technical Director
Fabien Acerbis
Patrick Alary
Director, Mediterranean region
Xavier Bodeau
Regional director, Paris region
Frédéric Boisset
Executive Vice-President, Bretagne -Pays de Loire- Centre region
Bérengère Bouvier
Director, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region
Lionel Cayre
Executive Vice-President, Residential Property - Product and service design, Customer experience, Commercial performance
Bernard Chanteux
Benoit Dantec
Executive Vice-President, Real Estate
Henri De Chazournes
Director of Organisation and IT systems
Cédric de Lestrange
Sales director, Commercial property - Regions
Olivier Durix
Executive Vice-President, Bouygues Immobilier Polska
Christian Grellier
Executive Vice-President, Research & Development and open innovation
Florence Hauvette-Schaetzlé
Executive Vice-President, Eastern France region
Marie-Pascale Jouanno
Executive Vice-President, South-West France region
Charlotte Lavedrine
Legal Director
Bruno Le Corre
Executive Vice-President, International development
Sabine Bourrut-Lacouture Lepine
Commercial Real Estate Director Paris region
Alexandre Lourette
Executive Vice-President, North-West France region
Christophe Taillefer
Financial Director