Our vision

On the front line of urban transformation

Far-reaching changes are shaping society, transforming the way we live and use buildings. At the same time, environmental challenges have placed the built environment at the heart of the energy transition. We are committed to this new vision of urban transformation, focused on new uses and on people. Quick to spot the potential of green buildings, we were also among the first in the sector to develop the conviction that cities should not only be sustainable, but also attractive and pleasant places to live – in a word, desirable. These are the urban environments we work hand in hand with local authorities to create with our partners, every day. 

Our resources to achieve this goal

With every decision we make and every action we take, we must keep the needs of our customers and the well-being of future generations at the centre of our thinking. This is why we cultivate a sense of openness and dialogue: to grasp the transformations that are shaping the world.

In this context, we strive to leverage the tremendous power of collective intelligence. Our aim: to boost the creativity and development of our employees as they work to improve customer satisfaction. Every day, we work with our customers to explore new frontiers, remaining focused on their needs. We offer long-term support to our customers via a role that extends well beyond delivery of their residential, office or neighbourhood development project. Crucial to this effort is the relationship of trust that we foster with our customers thanks to our teams’ operational excellence and ability to innovate. Our goal is to ensure the quality of our buildings in-use.

Our ability to co-design projects and to enlist the full range of skills available across our ecosystem of partners is fundamental to our projects’ success. We have therefore taken steps to expand this capacity by changing the way we work: we now employ more collaborative, digital and flexible working methods.

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