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Yann Aubry
Director of Business and Urban Development, UrbanEra®
The first considerations when designing a neighbourhood are to meet local needs and make people want to come and live there. With our UrbanEra® division, we help local authorities to design sustainable neighbourhoods that offer excellent quality of life. The city of the future has to be balanced, adaptable, frugal and smart, in tune with new uses and lifestyles.
A participatory approach

Created in 2011, UrbanEra® is founded on sharing and exchange. Depending on the specific local issues, we bring together the most relevant players – industrial firms, start-ups, associations, residents, etc. – in order to carry out the development project. Our method is based on three key stages:

  • Understanding the local area and its issues
  • Getting the partners to work together to meet local needs
  • Defining the project’s main aims

UrbanEra® has the advantage of being able to draw on Bouygues Immobilier’s expertise, but with the agility of a start-up. We choose our partners according to local needs, using an open innovation approach and keeping as close as possible to local authorities and their histories.

Under the auspices of the municipality of Sartrouville, north-west of Paris, we teamed up with social landlord Logement Francilien to prepare the fundamental transformation of the Cité des Indes, a run-down and hemmed-in district, in order to turn it into a model of social diversity, sustainability and quality of life. Amongst other initiatives, we created a partnership with AgroParisTech, a life sciences school, to integrate urban agriculture into the project and developed an ecosystem around the local recyclers, craft workers and creators known generically as “makers”.

Unique and sustainable projects tailored to local circumstances

For us, property development is first and foremost a way of meeting needs. What kind of life will the residents lead? Who will live in the neighbourhood? What services will they need? These questions are central to our development projects. Our role is to help local authorities find solutions that suit their specific context. We always start with the local situation and construct our proposals for neighbourhoods accordingly, so that they will attract long-term residents. Each development project starts with a clean slate. Each one is unique and perfectly meets local needs.

For example, the eco-neighbourhood we are developing in Marseille’s Littorale mixed development zone will be a key centre for “makers”. A 1,200-m² hall will accommodate both traditional crafts (cabinet-makers, metalsmiths, upholsterers, etc.) and emerging occupations based on new technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting. It will also include collaborative and shared workspaces.

At Divonne-les-Bains, we have focused on commercial and cultural aspects to create a lively and vibrant extension of the town centre. In Nanterre we have used art [ajouter lien dossier de presse] to help transform a place that people merely pass through into a mixed-use living space.

Bouygues Immobilier has met our expectations by proposing a tightly controlled process with distinctive features. UrbanEra‘s integrated approach gave us a coherent overview of the project, fulfilling the mixed-use requirement and adapting responsively to the changes requested by the municipality and the developer.
Patrick Jarry talking about Nanterre Cœur Université
Mayor of Nanterre and Chairman of the board of EPADESA, the local development agency
UrbanEra® embodies the possibility of using a method which from the very outset brings together all the necessary skills to write the unique story of a project as it unfolds.
François Leclercq talking about Nanterre Cœur Université
Architect and planner
With UrbanEra®, we form a team that shares the same basic convictions, plus a desire for partnership alongside local authorities in the creation and long-term management of sustainable urban neighbourhoods.
Jean Paul Viguier talking about Divonne-les-Bains
Qualified Architect (DPLG), MCP UD Harvard

In addition, in 2013 Bouygues Immobilier was the only private-sector player to receive the EcoQuartier label from the French Ministry of Housing and Territorial Equality. The distinction, which rewards model sustainable urban development and planning projects, has already been awarded to Ginko, the eco-neighbourhood on Bordeaux Lake.

The six commitments of UrbanEra®
With UrbanEra®, Bouygues Immobilier gives local authorities specific commitments in relation to six jointly defined, measurable indicators and targets.

• Energy & utilities: district-level energy management taking account of mixed uses, highly energy-efficient building design and local and renewable sourcing solutions.

• Urban services & mobility: a set of solutions to vitalise the neighbourhood, giving users and residents the best possible quality of life. This multimodal package includes public transport, soft mobility, smart car park sharing, concierge services and digital resources to encourage interaction.

• Water & waste: a comprehensive and optimised approach to the water and waste treatment cycle in pursuit of better environmental performance.

• Urban biodiversity and nature: nature in the city to favour energy efficiency and biodiversity through parks, shared gardens, urban agriculture, greened buildings, new local policies, labelling and certification schemes, etc.

• Buildings & user comfort: compliance with the HQE® high environmental quality standard, increasingly widespread construction of low-energy and positive-energy buildings, choice of environmentally sound materials, optimised ventilation, maximum comfort and efficiency, etc.

• Consultation & participation: dialogue with and involvement in the community through participatory initiatives such as consultation workshops, shared gardens and co-construction spaces.

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